HOBOAT 2015 Year Summary Outlook Conference (HOBOAT Enterprise Culture Initiation Conference)

HOBOAT 2015 year summary outlook conference started with passionate “money grabbing” dance in the morning of 30th June 2015. This conference is also the Hope enterprise culture initiation conference!

Chairman Neil. Cao gave a detailed dissect on enterprise culture based on the company vision, mission, purpose, spirit so on in the conference. Every aspect has been explained clearly. The conference atmosphere was very active. The team members all itched for a try to recite the enterprise culture.

Then, leaded by the utive deputy general manager, all department managers gave a detailed summary the work plan of the latter half of the year. Applause cheers came from time to time, The interaction is really active!

 Then, Chairman Cao made a speech about a general plan of company development strategic orientation of products of the coming next 3 years. HOBOAT stuff all listened carefully since it related to the development future of every employee. The confident smile proud expression were in everyone’s face after the speech, they are so proud of being of member of HOBOAT family! The conference atmosphere was very warm, They gave warm applause to the excellent speech made by Chairman Cao!

 The following is the most exciting moment, the days crafted “HOBOAT Hero Team” was upcoming. It is a all-conquering team, a positive scaling new heights team, the HOBOAT Hero Team came to the stage as the ringing out of the slogan.

One failure after another, one fall after another steeled will of HOBOAT heroes. They believe that HOBOAT future would be more brilliant under the leading of Chairman Cao. They would fly higher higher along with HOBOAT.

Although they come from different department, have different duties, they shares the same mission, bear the same responsibility, they are loving families!

“I love the feeling of reminding of your warm hugs when get hurt”

“I love to take the sweet memory home when travel”

The perform of Hero team shocked all the HOBOAT stuff! Everybody learns that the team power is infinite. Boss takesge of setting the strategic orienting, the team takes inge of uting correctly effectively!

Reviewing the first half year prospecting the second half year, HOBOAT appear in the avenue of neurosurgery with a brand new gesture! The HOBOAT stuff would Follow Chairman’s pace, carry forward the HOBOAT brand, make HOBOAT business bigger stronger, make HOBOAT to be number one in the field!




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