2016 hoboat Sending Warm Activity---Walk into Daqiao Nursing Home

2016 hoboat Sending Warm Activity---Walk into Daqiao Nursing Home 

Respection to the elder is traditional virtues of China, is the important content to establish a harmonious society. In the morning of 28th Jan. 2016. hoboat organized the sending warm activity--walk into Daqiao Nursing Home

The representatives of home drove to Daqiao Nuring Home on 9 a.m. with pork, rice, cooking oil fruits. We walked into the courtyard found that the environment is quite beautiful. The elders was taking a walk. The were very happy with glorious smile when they were informed of our visiting. 

The whether is cold, but our action has warmed their hearts. These elders almost are over 60 years old who need help care. When we carried the easement to the warehouse of nursing home, we found that many other people came here to send warm love just like us. The warehouse is filled with various necessities of life donated by lovely people such as rice, flour, meat, vegetables so on. It’s love that is in the warehouse!


This activity not only brings happiness to the elders in the nursing home, but also make them feel the warm of the society. What’s more, it strengthens our awareness of respecting caring the elders, helps us realize that respecting caring the elders is the social virtue, improves the sense of social responsibility of young people. hoboat would keep on sending love!

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