Two-days Tour in Zhejiang 2016


The tour event of hoboat Ltd. was coming as every year from 4th Oct 2016 to 5th Oct 2016. We choose Linany as since it owns the most beautiful scenery in Zhejiang Province. The travel bus set out from hoboat Ltd. on 6.00 am. After 6 hours driving\u002c we arrived at Longgang Town Linany. We had a hearty lunch with localacteristics\u002c then we took local bus to our first station——West Zhejiang Dragon Bay\u002c the bay is a proto canyon with various natural scenery\u002c which is consists of Tiantan food street\u002c fish-viewing lake\u002c unique waterfalls\u002c canyon expedition\u002c Tiantan special scenery etc. It is a natural oxygen bar\u002c which is the best choose for urban people to have a holiday relax.

Water\u002c  mountains are everywhere. Choose one site to sit\u002c playing water\u002c catching fishes\u002c taking a nap or  just staring blankly are all perfect choice to relax. It is a heaven for children to play\u002c a stunning resort to take photos. See\u002c The hoboat families all so enjoyed ourselves....


 The water here is much more than beautiful\u002c it is clean sweet. We not only listened to the water\u002c we also taste it. Held the water with hands the sweet feeling stimulated the taste buds.

The mountain of Dragon Bay is not as precipitous as the Daming Mountain\u002c but its meandering pathways is just like the Daming Mountain. Now that we have chosen this way\u002c we have no other choice but keep moving moving\u002c no matter how difficult it is.


When the Dragon Bay tour ended\u002c we drove to the local farmhouse\u002c for the first time\u002c we lived so close the the nature\u002c listen to the flowing water\u002c taste the local specialty\u002c breathe the fresh natural air\u002c suddenly\u002c we just want to stay here forever!



In the morning\u002c open the window\u002c the air pour to my nose. The air is amazingly fresh! After breakfast\u002c we came to the next station----Daming Mountain Scenic Area rather early.


The Daming Mountain is a bright pearl at the golden travel line from Hangzhou to Huangshan. The highest peak named Damingding is 1489.9 meters above the sea. It’s well-known for the green lake\u002c quite valley\u002c wide marshy grassland\u002c grand caves endless forest. It’s original\u002c amazing\u002c precipitous quite\u002c so it is honored as “Mount Huang” in Zhejiang.


Breathed the fresh air walked lightly\u002c we started our trip of Daming Mountain.

We took the scenic area bus arrived at the mountaineering site\u002c we queue up orderly. We were divided into two groups: cable car group mountain climbing group. We young people chose to climb the mountain\u002c for one thing\u002c we could do some exercises\u002c for another\u002c we could find the fun of climbing the mountain view the fantastic scenery along the path.


We stepped up\u002c climbing almost 1/5 of the entire trip\u002c we took a rest\u002c there is a famous stone named Zhumian Stone\u002c it is the place where Yuanzhang. Zhu met Bowen. Liu\u002c Yuanzhang. Zhu is the founding emperor of Ming Dynasty. He was a monk of this moutain used to rest on this stone. The two people regreted they didn't meet sooner became close friends worked together\u002c finally\u002c they created the Ming Dynasty remembered by the history.



The sightseeing tour is very comfortable\u002c are enjoyed the scenery as we climbed the mountain. We rested at the pavilion when we were tired had some drink\u002c took photos. Viewing the great scenery of the mountain in a distance as well as listening to the music of spring water\u002c a special feeling was around us.



As the old saying says eighteen curve of hill path\u002c the experience of climbing the mountain made us deeply realize how hard the mountaineering is.


The scenery along the path is so beautiful it is was added some gentleness with the appearance of kind people.



During the back-way\u002c we arrived at the most famous hanging plank road\u002c the road is hanging in the clouds\u002c below is the abyss. It is more than 1000m above the sea the total length is 1200m\u002c stepping on the hanging road\u002c we could view the entire scenery of the Daming Mountain. It is much like a rainbow hanging in the sky\u002c the dragon sit between the canyon. Placing ourselves in the clouds\u002c walking above the canyon\u002c we felt like walking in the sky.


Immersed in such a great scenery\u002c we felt like in the heaven with joyful mood. During the road back to Jiangduy\u002c we wished that we could still back to the amazing place next year with our families\u002c to hug the nature\u002c to breathe the fresh air\u002c to drink the water in the mountain\u002c to taste the delicious food in the mountain..


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