2018 new spring annual meeting

February 12\u002c 2018 (the 27th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar)\u002c the Hoboat family dressed in festive costumes\u002c with exquisite makeup\u002c bursting with happiness\u002c have a joyous gathering in Jing Cheng five star international hotel\u002c  together to celebrate the Spring Festival which the Lunar Year of the Dog.

An eye - catching red headline is shown in the screen at the moment entering the meeting room. That is the theme of our struggle this year 'Just Roll UYour Sleeves And More Power To Your Elbow

The atmosphere of the annual meeting was active. Songs\u002c dances\u002c games\u002c one after another\u002c the enthusiasm of the hoboat family is rising\u002c Our family comes up with special skills to show their style!

It is more exciting to draw the prize. Every prize winning family has a happy smile on the face! Hoboat annual meeting let you eat\u002c play\u002c take enjoy themselves!


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