2019 new spring annual meeting

On 8th,January, 2019, hoboat's annual meeting was held as scheduled at the beautiful star-rated JingCheng International Hotel.

At the annual meeting all the hoboat family dressed up were full of spirit.

At 10 a.m. the sign-in began and families arrived in droves!

Hoboat's beauty all smiled more beautiful than flowers! Don't believe it ? you see :

The handsome boys in sales department were also the same.Their smiling faces looked like flowers. May the coming year their performance will be similar to sesame blossom, successively high!

In the annual meeting, cinterspersed programs were also wonderful all kinds of prizes kept awarding!

Games promoted relationship between colleagues . As you can see, our affection was quite harmonious .

All members of our hoboat family were very versatile excellent . We wish all hoboat family a successful, a happy family all the best in 2019 !

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