One-day Tour in Baoying 2018

On 1st, December,2018, our company organized an autumn outing tour -- a one-day trip to the Baoying lake national wetland the Zhou Enlai memorial hall.

Leaving the worries of work and the noise of city, we came to the original scenic spot -- Baoying lake wetland park. The scenery here was beautiful and the air was fresh.

The lake gurgling sounded like small music song with fish and shrimp in. We swung the bamboo raft, looked at the scenery took photos. We marveled at the stunning scenery screamed "wow" from time to time. Everything let me sigh with emotion: boats on blue waves,people in the paintings.

In the morning,we enjoyed the fresh air and stayed away from the hustle bustle. In the afternoon,we came to the memorial hall of Zhou Enlai in Huai 'an to remember the great beloved premier Zhou.

Reading for the rise of the Chinese nation.

Zhou Enlai memorial hall is a large memorial hall established to commemorate the founding premier Zhou Enlai shows his generation of great style of towering monument.
Here shows the legend of zhou enlai's life about his struggle for our motherland and people's life!
Then, we came to Zhou Enlai's former residence in the bridegroom lane near huai 'an. It is made up of two houses. One where zhou enlai was born lived, the other is the memorial hall of Deng Yingchao where we can learn about the prime minister's marriage life and love story.

Deng Yingchao memorial hall

Couples deep in love

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