2018 annual meeting of neurosurgery in Hebei province

The 2018 Hebei annual neurosurgery conference was held in Xingtai\u002c Hebei province\u002c from 14th  to 16th September\u002c 2018. This conference was co-sponsored by neurosurgery branch of Hebei medical association neurosurgeons branch of Hebei medical doctors association 

was undertaken by Xingtai people's hospital.

It was an important provincial annual conference in the field of neurosurgery. Our company attached great importance to it also participated in this conference. In this conference\u002c our company displayed various products\u002c such as our ace products ‘aspirator’\u002c ‘cavity mirror

electrode’,‘electric coagulation tweezers’.

Opening ceremony

The "cavity mirror electrode" of our company was recognized by experts on the venue. Everyone had a keen interest in for this product.



Congratulated to the conference!

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