The international symposium of endoscopic neurosurgery in Beijing in 2019

From 26th to 28th of April, 2019, the international symposium on pituitary adenoma in Beijing, the international symposium on endoscopic neurosurgery in Beijing in 2019, the training course on endoscopic neurosurgery in Beijing is held in Beijing Renwei Hotel, China. Our company is invited to participate in this big event.

On the exhibition, our company's new product is unveiled for the first time, which is praised by domestic foreign neuroendoscopy experts.

The picture shows Professor Hong Tao evaluating the products on site.

The picture shows Professor Zhang Yazhuo instructing evaluating the products in front of the booth.

Professor Zhang Yazhuo speak highly of our products: Jiangsu Hoboat products are of good workmanship, creativity quality. This "three goods" is the greatest affirmation of Hoboat products, which will also encourage Hoboat continuely to move forward, to create more excellent products to serve the society of the benefit of mankind.

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